(Q)CNC laser cutting machine follower always hits the board during in following movement 
(A)  Too small calibration range or too large Z-axis speed

The smaller the calibration range, the smaller the deceleration distance of following movement. If Z-axis speed is too large and it is not reduced to 0 when the follower flows to place, overshoot will be unavoidable. The greater the Z-axis speed is, the greater the overshoot is. When Z-axis speed is greater than 100mm/s, it is recommended to set the calibration range to be 15mm. When Z-axis speed is greater than 250mm/s, it is recommended to set the calibration range to be 20 to 25mm.

(Q) CNC laser cutting machine following height is different from the actual height 
(A)No preheating Please preheat the preamplifier for 2 to 5 minutes, and then operate BCS100 controller. The sampling capacitance in the preamplifier may changes with the changes in temperature. Please preheat the amplifier for 2 to 5 minutes, and then operate BCS100 controller after the sampling capacitance in the amplifier becomes stable.

Calibration problem The phenomenon above often appears if the follower capacitance is not calibrated again after replacing the nozzle.

Nozzle temperature increases abnormally (above 100oC) because the laser scatter to the nozzle or the blowing is abnormal, and thus the capacitance of cutting head changes.
The follower does not hit the board in intelligent calibration, and the actual following height is higher than the setting height.

Please do calibration after closing the intelligent check option.

Q)  CNC laser cutting machine follower cannot move up to the correct height

(A)If the follower cannot move up or the lift-up height is incorrect, users need to first observe and determine
whether Z-axis coordinates are normal. If Z-axis coordinates get less obviously, it is required to first return to the origin, press repeatedly “FOLLOW” and “SHUT”, and then obverse whether Z-axis coordinates are consistent with each other after following to the board. If Z-axis coordinates continue to decrease, there may be a problem in the position feedback of the system. The reason may be that: servo motor or ball screw and coupling slide against each other, resulting in coordinate offset.

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