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rar.png FastCAM 7.2.50HOT
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FastCAM software has customized the Standard, Professional and Mini Professional versions for SteelTailor. It can easily realize professional functions such as nesting cutting, tube cutting, co-edge cutting and bridging cutting. Its professional version can provide nesting cutting, marking and drilling programming, multi-process hybrid programming, allowing customers to easily operate PLUS-e, LEGEND B5 II and G3A and other multi-function CNC machine. Purchase the SteelTailor CNC cutting machine and give away the FastCAM nesting software for free.
Welcome to download the FastCAM nesting software for free. Please contact us to purchase a dongle.

Created 2019-04-26
Changed 2019-04-26
Version 7.2.50
Size 647 MB
Downloads 5,319
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SteelTailor Tutor x1 software is by far the world's first economical remote CNC cutting system, its cost less than 3% of the high-end industrial control computer, that is, through the Internet and high-definition cameras, remote control, teaching and technical support. Can be widely used in portable CNC cutting machine series, economic type gantry and table cutting machine series.

Created 2019-06-05
Changed 2019-06-05
Version V 1.0
Size 550.53 KB
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