Tube cutting machine

TubeTailorI CNC tube cutting machine



TubeTailor I CNC Cutting Machine!
1. No need for computer;
2. No need for nesting software, easy operation;
3. Vibration reduction techniques;
4. Most industrial jobs are available in the controller library itself;
5. Automatic torch height to protect the torch and improve the cutting quality.

TubeTailor I CNC Tube Cutting Machine!

Features of TubeTailorI CNC tube cutter!

Cutting sample of TubeTailorI CNC tube cutting machine

With TubeTailorI CNC pipe cutting machine, tube cutting born to be simple and efficient!

TubeTailorI cnc pipe cutter with 2D structure.No complicated operation settings required!

TubeTailorI tube cutting machine cutting tubes only in 3 mins!

How to use TubeTailorI CNC tube cutter?

TubeTailorI CNC pipe cutter three major functions!

TubeTailor I CNC tube cutting machine computer is independent. Micro processor controlled computing!!

TubeTailor I tube cutting machine program code can be checked and saved in controller or USB



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