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AngelBlade CUT200/300/400-HD High-definition plasma cutter



The CUT300-HD high definition plasma cutter made-in-China matches with ThermaCut cutting torch. Its cutting workpiece has excellent performance in perpendicularity and profile finish. It can achieve real small hole(≥ φ8mm) cutting.
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AngelBlade CUT200/300/400-HD Series High-definition Plasma Cutter

AB high-definition power cutter has excellent cutting performance for steel plate within 30mm in thickness. Equipped with a SteelTailor CNC plasma cutting machine, controller and nesting  software, it can cut the budget in half and achieve a good high-definition plasma cutting effect.


AngelBlade CUT200 High-definition Plasma Cutter-main configuration and connection

 AngelBlade High-definition plasma cutter


AngelBlade CUT300/400-HD high-definition plasma cutter-main configuration and connection


AngelBlade High-definition plasma cutter


AngelBlade CUT200/300/400-HD high-definition plasma cutter parameters: 


AngelBlade High-definition plasma cutter

The most economical high-definition plasma cutting solution for thickness ≥ 30mm / Verticality:≤3°



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