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SteelTailor Tutor portable CNC demo machine



Patented Technology
An Easier Way For Learning CNC Cutting Skills

SteelTailor Tutor CNC cutting machine

-- Patented Technology,

An Easier Way For Learning CNC Cutting Skills Tutor is a portable CNC demo machine, 100% surely manufactured by SteelTailor components, which contain a set of open type controller, foundation, Y axis driving system, X axis driving system and a SteelTailor customized drawing pen with functions of cutting torch. The open design of Tutor makes users easily master the ways of operation and maintenance after spot operation and introduction of spare parts interface.

SteelTailor tutor portable CNC cutting machine

To realize the analogy of machine demonstration, for the purpose of training and teaching

Tutor portable cutting machine Detailed Manual for Explaining Interface

Tutor can match with the expert version of nesting software. With the professional drawing pen, controller interface can present simulated cutting tracks and bring a clear cutting process and performance. Tutor,The Original Design Power of SteelTailor Portable Machine Tutor can be used directly in the office without compressed air or 380V commercial electricity, which avoids the defaults of pollution, large space occupation and dangerous operation in actual cutting process. What’s more, the teaching process and CNC demonstration have been largely improved to meet the requirements of actual operation and make sure a real, effective and reliable teaching and demonstrating process.

Tutor CNC cutting machine exploded view

Tutor CNC cutting demo machine Drawing System with Simulated Torch

Tutor portable CNC cutting machine Expert Version of Nesting Software

Tutor CNC cutting machine Overall transportation, no need of debugging process
Refitted on the basis of SteelTailor portable series cutting machines, Tutor was researched and developed to be a teaching demo machine for global distributors. Customers can find abundant material, service FAQ, videos,multi-language support and documentation through website, skype, whatsapp, etc. Customers will get to know how to use software and other information about installation, operation, notice, recommended parameters setup, etc.

SteelTailor CNC cutting machine Perfect Teaching Material (Videos) & After-sale Service


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