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Company News

Good harvest of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine in Mashex 2017 exhibition--The second day

Company News

March 29th,2017 is the second day of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine in Mashex 2017 exhibition.The hall No.is A406. “The live cutting of Valiant portable CNC cutting machine is very good”, one new customer said!Many new and old customer visit SteelTailor. One old customer who bought Valiant CNC cutting machine in 2010 said:”My Valiant plasma cutting machine working for 7 years.I like SteelTailor.SteelTailor solved my problem quickly”.  As Russian distributor said, the exhibition effect is getting worse year by year. SteelTailor will increase the yandex network promotion.SteelTailor is determined to make more Russian friends to enjoy a strong and economical portable CNC cutting machines.Network promotion is more suitable for young customers. 


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