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HyperTherm Quick connector for Plasma Cutting Machines

As HyperTherm, is leading in the plasma cutting industry. Most of our customer use HyperTherm as Plasma cutter for the CNC plasma cutting machine.  SteelTailor respond to the customer’s requirement and developed a HyperTherm quick connector.


  • The electrical skill requirement of the customer is zero just plug and play.
  • The customer need not open the plasma machine to access the raw arc voltage.
  • The risk of high voltage taken out is eliminated.
  • No need to know the plasma electrical information to do the connection
  • Installation time reduced.
  • Easy to move the machines and start the machine operation within minutes
  • No need for any intermediate connectors for the plasma to CNC interface

Introduction to THC check Device

The THC plays a great role in assuring the cutting quality. The trouble shooting of any THC problem was found to be very difficult to the customers because it dependents on the CNC controller and the plasma cutting machine. The THC check device was developed to make the THC trouble shoot simple and easy.


  • All the SteelTailor THC models can be tested in the same device
  • No requirement for any additional parts for testing
  • The test device can pinpoint the exact problem causer
  • All the THC required signal are tested
  • The Plasma cutting machine problems also can be confirmed
  • The CNC central control unit problems related to THC also can be tested
  • It can  simulate the RAW arc voltage of a plasma machine
  • 2 seven segment displays give you the exact arc voltage feedback.

SteelTailor innovate and supports all its customers, with simple but effective solutions. With improved technical support and new solutions that will help the customer to have smooth, easy installation and easy trouble shoot.

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