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The portable CNC cutting machine is equipped with a single-chip industrial control system, which is professional but cannot install any software. When using a CNC cutting machine similar to SteelTailor Dragon III, we need to design the workpiece program with 2D drawing software such as AutoCAD on the computer, and then import it into the nesting cutting software to generate G-code. Finally, use a U disk to import into the controller.
Dozens of graphics are included in the CNC cutting machine system, which can be easily programmed in the controller.

  1. (a)Make drawing of the shape you want to cut by the CNC cutting machine, using any drawing software’s like Auto CAD
  2. (b)After making the drawing save the drawing as DXF / DWG file extensions
  3. (c)Open the nesting software like Fast CAM, NestMaster, CNCCUT
  4. (d)Import the DXF/DWG file to the Nesting software (Refer: Nesting software manual)
  5. (e)Convert the DXF/DWG file to NC-Program using the nesting software (Refer: Nesting software manual)
  6. (f)Copy the CNC-Program in the computer to the USB Drive(Disk)
  7. (g)Take the USB Drive to the controller of CNC cutting machine and plug it into the controller

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