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SteelTailor Tutor x1 is by far the world's first economical remote CNC cutting system, its cost less than 3% of the high-end industrial control computer, that is, through the Internet and high-definition cameras, remote control, teaching and technical support. Can be widely used in portable CNC cutting machine series, economic type gantry and table cutting machine series.

SteelTailor Tutor x1 system include the following components

  1. SteelTailor Tutor x1 software
  2. CNC controller (Net Series)
  3. Transfer data line(RS232 to USB)
  4. U disk (Virtual dongle)
  5. Camera
  6. TeamViever software(Remote operation:available for cell phone, tablet and computer control)

 SteelTailor Tutor x1 main functions:

①Remote control numerical control system

②Monitor cutting system data   

③Remote modification parameter configuration


⑤Remote processing file transfer modification

⑥Multi-language support

Here are some pictures of the software:

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