flame and plasma cutting

legend-B5II-CNC table plasma cuttig machineslegend-B5II-CNC table plasma cuttig machine

LegendB5II Economical CNC plasma cutting table


1. Cutting thickness range: 0.3-22mm.
2. Three modes of cutting: Water jacket, Platen, Arc voltage sensing THC.
3. Cutting table with ball design, cutting material loading/unloading easier.
4. With Arc voltage sensing THC, fine plasma cutting performance
5. Adjustable distance between THC and cutting table, matching with different torches.
6. Torch holder made of steel, very good durability.
7. With simple design, cutting mode switching very easy.

Yeah!LegendB5II is an economical CNC table plasma cutting and marking machine

CNC table plasma cutting machine is an multi-purpose machine. It is very easy to deal with multi-processing needs!

B5II CNC plasma cutting machine can marking metal and oxy-fuel cutting!

LEGEND B5II CNC cutting machine is an superior sheet metal cutting machine

Comparison of two modes for sheet metal cutting

Cutting mode Water jacket Platen
Adding components Pump,water Non
Advantage Water cooling,less dust pollution,work piece without deformation Platen makes steel more smooth,improving the cutting quality.
Disadvantage Waste water might cause the cutting table rusty.Water jacket is a consumable Not suitable for very small and complex work pice

CNC marking-Adjustable depth line drawing

LEGENDB5II CNC marking machine is able to achieve high quality CNC marking function for hard materials to draw lines marking.Compare with the laser,the cost,marking format,process control,and marking depth of Legend B5II CNC table plasma cutting machine has a distinct advantage.
Marking depth adjustable functions to draw lines, the greater the pressure,the depper draw lines.

B5II table plasma cutting machine is also powerful for thick plate cutting!

Technical parameters

Power supply 110/220V 60/50Hz 1KW
Effective cutting area 1.1300*2500:X axis 1300mm Y axis 2500mm;2.1500*3000:X axis 1500 Y axis:3000mm
Plasma cutting mode Cutting speed:0-8000mm/min ,cutting thickness:0.3-22mm
Flame cutting mode(optional) Cutting speed:0-800mm/min, cutting thickness:5-25mm
Z axis range Platen/Water cooling cup: Cylinder max:50mm THC:Max 75mm
Max cutting current for plasma power Current of plasma:<=120A
Work mode of plasma Non-contact ignition
Marking speed Recommend: 2200mm/min, 0.4Mpa
Marking precision <=0.2mm/300mm
Processing material Carbon steel,stainless steel,copper alloy, nickel alloy and titanium alloy
Longitudinal drive system Dual drive step motor
Height control mode Platen/water jacket/THC
Controller LCD 7" display
Machine size 1.1300*2500:2000mm(W)*3300mm(L)*1300(H)2.1500*3000:2200mm(W)*3800mm(L)*1300mm(H)


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