SteelTailor Cable Connector is honored to connect Hypertherm Powermax105 with Cutting machines. As we all know, Hypertherm has made the most powerful Powermax-Powermax105. Powermax105 could detect consumables end-of-life, automatically turning off power to prevent potential damage to the torch or the work piece.

SteelTailor Cable Connector is a good helper to simplify the installation between plasma and machine. With this cable, cutting machine can be connected to plasma power easily.

SteelTailor Cable Connector is specialized to connect with plasma power, with one end connecting to cutting machines, the other to specific plug of plasma power, which is as simple as connecting to PC. Hypertherm Powermax105 is able to use this cable connector.

In one word, SteelTailor Cable Connector offers a quick connector solution for Hypertherm Powermax105.

Q: How to change the plasma machine  power source , We require the wiring color code for CNC interface plug Example , arc + arc - ,  ok to move , start 

A: The ARC+ is red, and ARC- is black.
To identify the other four wires.
There are two ways:
1. In AUTO mode, press IGNITING or CUTOXY, then use a multi meter to measure which two wires of these four are short circuited, these two wires will be START wires.
2. The other way is, go to DIAGNOSE in main menu, short circuit any two wires of these four, if the DLZ in INPUT becomes 1, which means these two wires are FINISH wires.
Please refer the attached document for details on how to connect the CNC wires to PMX 1650

Q:The prie of SteelTailor plasma power is higher than other suppliers?

A:SteelTailor  and a lot of plasma cutter manufacturers are partners, so  the price is reasonable and competitive ;  if the price of other suppliers is lower than ours. customers can only purchase portable cnc plasma cutting equipment  and  buy the plasma power from other suppliers.  Meanwhile, we will inform this back to plasma cutter   headquarters. To ensure that we are able to offer a reasonable and competitive plasma power.

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