How to adjust the parameters of the THC when I cut different thickness plate?

Thank you for your support to steeltailor, there are eight parameters with THC, you don’t need to change most of them when you cut different thickness plate, maybe you need to adjust A and b, A is the arc voltage, some user manual of plasma gives the arc voltage according to the thickness of plate, see the chart below, it is from powermax45, it tell you the voltage, so you can set, but some doesn’t give you the voltage, only give you the torch-to-work distance, this time you need to test the proper A value, different A value refers to different distance, it changes with the plasma, you need to find out the proper value, it is not hard; b value refers to the initial pierce height, but it is not initial pierce height, the default value of b is 9, refers to about 4mm, if you want to increase the height, you increase b, test and find the proper value. We suggest you don’t change other parameters.

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