How to connect my plasma power generator to the small cutting machine

Q:- How to connect my plasma power generator  to the CNC small cutting machine.
A:- There are six wires to connect between plasma and CNC.
         START:-2 wires
         FINISH:- 2 wires
         ARC+:- 1 wire
         ARC-:- 1 wire
Refer your plasma power generator manual for details for connection

Signal Type Note
CNC START output Normal open: dry contact closure; used for torch ignition.
DIV ARC+ Input Receive the signal of raw arc voltage from plasma. Can receive the arc voltage from 50VDC to 300VDC.
DIV FINISH Input Normal open: dry contact closure; Receive the signal of OK TO MOVE from plasma; it is the signal sent by plasma source to CNC machine, to give the feedback that the torch is well ignited and ready to move.

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