Q:What is CNC cutting machine steel plate correction?

A:When the CNC cutting machine is used for cutting the steel plate, especially the thick or large steel plate, it is difficult that the steel plate and CNC cutting machine keep parallel, resulting in the cutting failure or serious steel waste. The correction of steel plate means that the controller automatically rotates the input cutting graph after obtaining the angle of steel plate to adapt to the offset angle of steel plate. 


Q:The price of SteelTailor THC is more than 1000 dollors,and other supplier’s only 3-400 dollors,Why so much different?

A:SteelTailor  Arc voltage sensing THC is specially designed for SteelTailor CNC cutting machines.

After so many years of rigorous testing and constantly updated matches by SteelTailor,The quality is very high.The function is multiple .On this basis we have developed arc voltage and capacity THC .It is an THC both for Flame and Plasma automatic sensing.The THC of SteelTailor is is competitive price and more better than THC valued 3-400dollors.

(Q)CNC laser cutting machine follower always hits the board during in following movement 
(A)  Too small calibration range or too large Z-axis speed

The smaller the calibration range, the smaller the deceleration distance of following movement. If Z-axis speed is too large and it is not reduced to 0 when the follower flows to place, overshoot will be unavoidable. The greater the Z-axis speed is, the greater the overshoot is. When Z-axis speed is greater than 100mm/s, it is recommended to set the calibration range to be 15mm. When Z-axis speed is greater than 250mm/s, it is recommended to set the calibration range to be 20 to 25mm.

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