What CNC fiber laser cutting machine components are?

CLAYA I fiber laser cutting machine structure

CLAYA I fiber laser is composed by five main parts, namely the cutting working table, fiber laser and motion system(host machine),laser power supply, chiller and control system.

Fiber laser cutting machine structural representation of host machine.
Fiber laser cutting machine structural representation of host machine.

(1) CLAYA I CNC fiber laser and its laser system is installed in the arm set, which connected with the fiber laser path of laser cutting head firmly. Opening the metal shield of arm set can adjust the CLAYA laser path, and the fiber laser path of CNC laser cutting head can be adjusted directly in the laser cutting head.

(2) The lubricant route and stroke switch are installed in the box set, so when repairing the lubricant route and stroke switch, we just need to remove the escutcheon to show the repairing aperture for repairmen.

(3) Lubricant oil box is near with the escutcheon, to press the oil switch lever can lubricate the X axis and Y axis of host machine.

(4) CLAYA fiber laser cutting machine another lubricant oil box for Z axis is in the CNC laser cutting head, we can use the grease gun to lubricate the track of Z axis. About that will be explained detailed again below.

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