Quality Talks

Quality Talks

What makes Steeltailor different:


Strict adherence to quality management:
  • Quality in Designing
  • Quality in Material
  • Quality in Controlling
  • Quality in Service
  • Quality in Mind!

We work and live with the ISO9001 quality management system :

  • Each model is designed with respect to the ISO;
  • Each supplier is carefully selected and accessed;
  • Each step of the process is carefully planned and controlled

SteelTailor portable CNC past CE certification in year 2007

  • SteelTailor is the first portable CNC with CE certificates
  • We design and build our power in strict accordance with CE
  • SteelTailor has filed for CE certificates with the latest CE 2009 directives!

Quality in Designing:

  • SteelTailor Power is designed and made for PLASMA!
  • SteelTailor is applicable to all major brands of plasma sources
  • Even applicable to some Hi-Frequency plasma!

3 Special Features Filtering Plasma Interference

  • Mu-Metal Housing & Shielding
  • Filtering
  • Thorough Grounding

Quality in Process Controlling:

  • Each machine is inspected and archived in the QC Manual
  • Each machine is tested 8 hours prior to dispatch--to remove infantile failure
  • Each machine is listed in our database for future service

Quality in Service:

  • Dedicated service team
  • User manual in both print and DVD format;
  • Parts are delivered by express parcel;
  • We repair machines made also by others!

Quality in Mind!

  • our clients have benefited from our quality products and exceptional services.
  • SteelTailor becomes global OEM partner with Kjellberg and ESAB


Call. +86-10-51662600
Email. info@steeltailor.com

Cannes Industrial Park, No.18 Shuang Qiao Dong Lu, Chao Yang District

Beijing ,China. 100121