Company Profile

Quality Manufacturer

SteelTailor is engaged in Cutting and Welding business for nearly 17 years. She focuses on providing the world with innovative and affordable portable CNC solutions. She is one of the best known CNC cutting machine manufacturers and service providers.

Company Profile

SteelTailor, one of the most well-known CNC cutting machine manufacturers
SteelTailor, one of the most well-known CNC cutting machine manufacturers

Based on customers’ need and the cost saving principle, SteelTailor created and developed a complete product scope of portable CNC cutting machines. The Power series cantilever type, the Smart series portable table cutting machine, and the Dragon series portable gantry type Oxy-fuel and plasma CNC cutting machines are all original in design and powerful and practical in performance.And Legend series is the most economical multi-functional CNC table machine, a machine that can realize plasma cutting, CNC drilling and marking functions. Moreover, it can be cut both thick plate and thin steel plate.

Continuous effort in innovation and quality has made SteelTailor the world leader of portable CNC cutting machines.
Till the end of year 2017, there are over 9000 SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machines working in more than 110 countries.
SteelTailor works global wide with dealers. 

Our Mission

  • Make CNC machines simple and affordable;
  • Make CNC machines as popular for industries as IBM PC for home and offices;
  • Build world brands!


Wherever metal cutting is, there must be SteelTailor!

SteelTailor Group of Companies

  • SteelTailor Inc.(USA)
  • SteelTailor Ltd. (UK)
  • SteelTailor (China) Ltd.
  • Beijing ESS Ltd.

Our Target

  • Make SteelTailor a top world brand for CNC machines for 100 years;
  • Get SteelTailor listed in public stock market in 10 years.

Customer Success +Employee Success +Social Responsibility=Enterprise Success

Customer Success

  • Machines users happy with us;
  • Distributors win with us;

Employee Success

  • Employees happy with us;
  • Employees succeed with us.

Our Strength --- "REIPAD"

  • Responsible——We are responsible for all the machines bearing our name;
  • Innovative——We innovate to meet customers’ needs;
  • Professional--- in distribution channel management;
  • After-sale service——Dedicated technical team for service ;
  • Devoted——We are devoted to small and affordable cutting solutions.


 1. SteelTailor is the alternative name for portable CNC cutting machines;
 3. Over 9000 SteelTailor portable machines are working in more than 110 countries till the end of Oct. 2016!
 4. More than 160 distributors in over 110 countries. The number is growing fast!


Call. +86-10-51662600

Cannes Industrial Park, No.18 Shuang Qiao Dong Lu, Chao Yang District

Beijing ,China. 100121