CNC Laser Cutting Machines for sheet metal
IDMLASER CNC laser cutting machine offers a big choice for machine users according to their job needs and budget. IDMLASER is a economical CNC laser cutting machine manufacturer. It is devoted to provide a full scope CNC YAG/CO2/fiber laser cutting machines for sheet metal laser cutting processing.

IDMLASER CNC laser cutting machines

  1. Claya I Yag 500w cantilever laser cutting machine—ideal machine for sign-making job shops and light sheet meta laser cuttingl processing;
  2. Claya II Yag 500w sheet metal laser cutting machine -- a medium duty setup of YAG laser cutting machine for both sign making and other sheet metal working applications.
  3. Claya III Yag CNC laser cutting machine—The best choice CNC laser cutting machine for heavy duty industrial application sheet metal cutting.
  4. Claya V 500W/1000w/2000w CNC fiber laser cutting machine—Cost-effective &User-friendly,China New laser generator with high performance.
  5. COOL200 economical non-metal/metal laser cutting machine-sheet metal laser cutting machine,carbon steel,for stainless steel, acrylic plates, die_making board, etc.

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