TubeTailor plasma tube cutting machine
Portable CNC Cutting Machine
new KOMET GROUP ø 63 - 160 mm | KOMET® hi.aeQ

POWER II Portable flame/plasma cutting machine
3-22mm(T)| 1200mm x 2500mm (Range, Standard) KOMET GROUP

The best seller in SteelTailor ! Plasma and flame; Free software.

PowerII only weighs 85kg, portable structure and independent working without computer;RallTM Patent Technology enables its cutting range to extend freely; After 8-year marketing test, POWER may deserve your love...

KOMET GROUP ø 2 - 20 mm | JEL® MGF
POWER Portable flame/plasma cutting machine 3-22mm(T) | 1200mm x 2500mm (Rang,Standard) | 1 - 6000 mm/min

The most classic portable CNC cutting machine.

There are over 2500 SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machines working in different corner of the world. It has provided the global small and medium metal fabrication shops with the most economical CNC cutting solutions....

KOMET GROUP ø 3 - 16 mm | JEL® MGF XH
VALIANT2.0 Portable flame/plasma cutting machine 3-22mm(T) | 1800mm x 3000mm (Rang,Standard) | 1 - 6000 mm/min

The word leader of portable CNC cutting machines.

Valiant portable CNC cutting machine has wider rails,more stability, more Rigid Structure, heavy duty.SteelTailor can provide Free Cutting Software.So portable and powerful CNC cutter!...

VALIANT portable plasma cutting machine
DRAGON I Portable gantry flame/plasma cutting machine 3-22mm(T) | 2500mm x 3000mm (Rang,Standard) | 1 - 8000 mm/min

Portable gantry machine with two rails and dual drivers.

Dragon portable gantry CNC cutting machine the cutting width can reach as wide as 3.5 meters (11 feet). The length can be extended as need.So portable CNC cutter....

Smart III Table plasma
SMART III Economical Portable Table plasma cutting machine 3-22mm(T) | 1500mm x 3000mm (Rang,Standard) | 1 - 4000 mm/min

Powerful, affordable ! SMART III is one of the most economical portable table CNC cutting machine.It can be fixed in one hour with With one set of allen keys and 24 screws. SMART III has ±0.2 repeatablity, the final cut product just needs simply cleaning of slag. No need for any rework....

SMART II Portable Table plasma cutting machine
SMART II Portable Table plasma cutting machine 3-22mm(T) | 1300mm x 2500mm (Rang,Standard) | 1 - 6000 mm/min

Everything of a table CNC and more !

SmartII portable table plasma cutting machine is 1/6 weight and 1/2 price of traditional table plasma cutting machine.So portable and economical table CNC cutter!...

TubeTailor Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
new video TubeTailor Tube CNC Plasma Cutting Machine;

TubeTable I Tube Plasma Cutting Machine
ø 60 - 260 mm | ≤12mm(T)

I alway believe, SIMPLE and EFFICIENT !

1. No need for computer;

2. No need for nesting software,easy operation;

3. Vibration reduction techniques;

4. Most jobs are available in the controller library itself;

5. Automatic torch height to protect the torch and improve the cutting quality.

YEAH!LEGEND Economical Table Plasma Cutting Machine
YEAH!LEGEND Economical Table Plasma Cutting Machine
Yeah!Legend B5II Economical Table Plasma Cutting Machine As thin as 0.3mm | As thick as 22mm

One machine works as TWO!

Yeah!Legend B5II can be used as two Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.Cut as thin as 0.3mm,as thick as 22mm.Legend B5II economical table CNC plasma cutting machine can realize the transfer between thin plate cutting mode and thick plate cutting mode with only few screws....

LEGEND II-Economical+Table+CNC+Plasma+Cutting+Mahcine.html
YEAH!LEGEND II Economical Table CNC Plasma Cutting Mahcine 0.3-5mm(T) | 0~8000mm/min

Economical table sheet metal CNC cutting machines.

Yeah!LegendII economical table CNC plasma cutting machine is an economical sheet metal cnc plasma cutting machine.LegendII sheet metal cnc plasma cutting machine has high cutting speed, high cutting precision and low operational and maintenance cost.It is an economical sheet metal cutting machine...

LegendIII Economical Table CNC+Plasma+cuttting+machine
LegendIII Economical Table CNC Plasma cuttting machine 2 - 25mm(T) | 0~8000mm/min

March with MAXPRO200.

Yeah!LegendIII economical table CNC plasma cutting machine is an powerful plasma cutting machine for thick plate cutting.Cutting thickness: 2mm-25mm.Yeah!LegendIII plasma CNC cutter compatible with high current plasma power source like MAXPRO 200...

Economical Air Inverter Plasma Cutting System
CutWell Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine

Cutwell applies economical IGBT inverter plasma cutting technology, which makes the plasma arc more stable. The kerfs are more clean with little burr or deformation. CutWell plasma cutting machines are also small and light. They are easy handling and energy saving too....

TureShapeTM Laser like high-definition Plasma Cutting Technology
new TureShape high definition plasma cutting machine
BeyondX-1530 Plasma Cutting System

TureShapeTM Vertical Plasma Cutting Technology is better than laser cutting technology when cutting medium and thick plates. Unlike low efficiency of drilling machine and high cost of laser, TureShape saves money, time and effort for customers. Echt NC Machine Co., Ltd is the general agency of KALIBURN plasma power in China. ECHTTM BeyondX-1530 has worked for Lincoln and Kjellberg, offering specialized cutting samples as displaying...

Economical Laser Cutting System
 Clya V Economical Laser Cutting System
CLAYA V Economical Fiber Laser Cutting System 0.2mm-5mm(T)

CLAYA V adopts SPI fiber laser generator, It has high conversion rate (>30%) from electrical power to light. It is very economical in power consumption and operation cost....