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Can we use PMX 125 with SteelTailor plasma cutting machine, with ST-THCEX 03 height control?
The old THC model the ARC voltage range is not be suitable with PMX 125 AARC voltage range in SteelTailor plasma cutting machine. The torch diameter of PMX 125 is bigger compared to other PMX series machine so need to change the torch holder of plasma cutting machine. You can use our new THC “ST-THC EX 03A” which is compatible for PMX 125.
when uploading the program from USB the shape shown in the controller of plasma cutting machine is changed. The shape is not what we have programmed in the nesting software?
The problem of plasma cutting machine is caused by the AUTO CAD version. Save DXF or DWG format in AutoCAD as the basic version. That is if you are using 2012 or above version of AUTO CAD save the file as 2000 DXF or 2000 DWG. Then it will be shown rightly in plasma cutting machine.
Do you have a cutting parameter table for flame CNC cutting machine operation?
Yes, you can refer the installation manual last section for details for cutting parameter for flame cutting. If you need more details about flame CNC cutting machine. please contact our technical support team. The preheat time and the pierce time of flame CNC cutting machine is not given in the table because it depend up on you local environment and the cutting gas quality. This setting the operator should judge and set by himself.
We have old valiant plasma cutting machine and brand new Dragon plasma cutting machine, the valiant plasma cutting machine has old ST THCEX 02 model THC. We find the new dragon machine THC ST-THCEX 03 model more easy to use and better responding.
Yes, it is possible to replace the old model THC with the new model ST-THCEX 03. The replacement is very simple in plasma cutting machine, just have to unplug the old THC and remove it from the cross beam fix the new THC in place of the old THC and plug back the cable to the new THC. No modification on the plasma cutting machine electrical or holders required.
I have smart III plasma cutting machine. When the plasma cutting machine is set to plasma mode, the THC still shows capacitive mode.
When you go and set the controllers to Plasma mode make sure you click SAVE. The THC of plasma cutting machine will not change the cutting mode until you enter into the AUTO / MANUAL mode of the controller.
I am having a plasma cutting machine,I fix a pen in place of plasma torch.I have set the CNC to plasma mode, But ever time when I press green button to start the machine will not start moving, it shows the PIERCE ON in the controller. The timers keep r
This problem is caused by setting of plasma cutting machine, You must have enabled “ARC FEED BACK” this is for plasma cutting, the plasma cutting machine will not start moving until the ARC feedback from plasma is reached.Since you are not using the plasma cutting machine you have to set it to zero for the machine to work normally.SETUP[F4]-----PLASMA[F4}--------Set ARC FEED BACK(1/0) to “0”

I have a SteelTailor plasma cutting machine with blue screen controller. When I try to cut the plasma is not starting. The controller display show ARCON. But when I go to DIAGONOSE and set M12 to 1 the plasma starts.
This problem might be caused by controller parameter setting problem in plasma cutting machine. Go to PARA[F4]----PLAS[F4] ------ARC ON M ORDER should be set as 12 ------ARC OFF M ORDER should be set as 13

When cutting starts every time the first shape get cut well in plasma cutting machine. From the second shape on wards the piercing is not happening half way from the piercing point the cutting stars.
Please check the pierce time of plasma cutting machine, SETUP [F4]-----PLASMA------FIRST PIERCE TIME (this is pierce time for the first shape) SETUP [F4]-----PLASMA------PIERCE TIME ( this is pierce time for all the other shapes) Set PIERCE TIME value more.
I downloaded the files from the pen drive of plasma cutting machine, then transformed it into txt with NETMASTER 2010 and brought it to the CNC. The figure was multiplied with repeated quantities and get stuck?

The problem is caused by an error in the NC program in plasma cutting machine

Check your NC programs second last line check if the second last line is G98.






The G98 code caused the problem. Our plasma cutting machine is not compatible for this code. You can simply delete the code and the program will be correct.

To prevent this problem from coming again do the following setting in your software.

The Legend B5II plasma cutting machine water pump doesn’t work?
The water pump for Legend B5II plasma cutting machine requires a 220Volt AC power supply. If your country is having 110volt supply, you need to use a 110 to 220 voltage converter.
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