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I am having a machine in my demo room, I fix a pen in place of plasma torch. I have set the CNC to plasma mode, But ever time when I press green button to start the machine will not start moving, it shows the PIERCE ON in the controller. The timers keep r
This problem is caused by setting , You must have enabled “ARC FEED BACK” this is for plasma cutting, the machine will not start moving until the ARC feedback from plasma is reached.Since you are not using the plasma machine you have to set it to zero for the machine to work normally.SETUP[F4]-----PLASMA[F4}--------Set ARC FEED BACK(1/0) to “0”

I have a SteelTailor old CNC machine with blue screen controller. When I try to cut the plasma is not starting. The controller display show ARCON. But when I go to DIAGONOSE and set M12 to 1 the plasma starts.
This problem might be caused by controller parameter setting problem. Go to PARA[F4]----PLAS[F4] ------ARC ON M ORDER should be set as 12 ------ARC OFF M ORDER should be set as 13

When cutting starts every time the first shape get cut well. From the second shape on wards the piercing is not happening half way from the piercing point the cutting stars.
Please check the pierce time, SETUP [F4]-----PLASMA------FIRST PIERCE TIME (this is pierce time for the first shape) SETUP [F4]-----PLASMA------PIERCE TIME ( this is pierce time for all the other shapes) Set PIERCE TIME value more.
I downloaded the files from the pen drive, then transformed it into txt with NETMASTER 2010 and brought it to the CNC. The figure was multiplied with repeated quantities and get stuck?

The problem is caused by an error in the NC program

Check your NC programs second last line check if the second last line is G98.






The G98 code caused the problem. Our machine is not compatible for this code. You can simply delete the code and the program will be correct.

To prevent this problem from coming again do the following setting in your software.

The Legend B5II water pump doesn’t work?
The water pump for Legend B5II requires a 220Volt AC power supply. If your country is having 110volt supply, you need to use a 110 to 220 voltage converter.
We have a prospect interested on adapting Hypertherm´s ArcWriter to a Dragon or Legend Machine?
There shouldn’t be any problem in connecting the machine with the CNC machine. The only thing that concern us is if the THC holder is correct size to fix the ARC write torch directly you may have do some modification. The Torch diameter of Arc right is 3.81 cm The torch diameter of usual air plasma machine is 2.5 cm. Please contact the after sales team for the plasma ARC Write manual and the connection details.
changing power source , We require the wiring color code for CNC interface plug Example , arc + arc - , ok to move , start
The ARC+ is red, and ARC- is black. To identify the other four wires. There are two ways: In AUTO mode, press IGNITING or CUTOXY, then use a multi meter to measure which two wires of these four are short circuited, these two wires will be START wires. The other way is, go to DIAGNOSE in main menu, short circuit any two wires of these four, if the DLZ in INPUT becomes 1, which means these two wires are FINISH wires. Please refer the attached document for details on how to connect the CNC wires to PMX 1650.
Please inform us the description of the four pins of the cutting plasma machine & which 1 pins that control the ignition?
The 4 wires, 2 wires START and 2 wires FINISH. The START 2 wires are for giving ignition signal for the plasma. That is the CNC send a signal to the plasma to ignite. The FINISH 2 wires take signal from the plasma to the CNC. This signal is called as “ OK TO MOVE” If you need CNC to plasma machine connection details please provide steeltilor machine serial number and the plasma power source model number.
How to Identify the DIV FINISH wire? Wiring connection
First go to DIAGNO. In the screen the second row has DLZ value will be one by default but when you short the DIV FINISH wire the value changes to zero. The value changes only when you short the FINISH two wires
SteelTailor Power series CNC cutting machine can fit for flame cutting?
Yes,The standard SteelTailor Power series has one set of oxy-fuel cutting torch assembly including a flame torch .So it is fit for flame cutting.
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