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What’the different of cutting materical between SteelTailor plasma cutting and SteelTailor flame cutting?
SteelTailor flame cutting machine is fit carbon steel sheet . SteelTailor plasma cutting machine is fit for steel sheet metal.
When we cutting circle and quadrangle, they are not matching with the real results,why?
The parameters are setting correctly on the program and everything is working, but the real result is not matching with parameters, see below:

It seems that we have overset on X and Y axis (Y = +20% ; X=-2%);

This problem can be caused by any one of the below issues.

(1)The motor pulse value got changed which is the most common issue. This values the customer while trying out the parameters may have changed. Can you make one squire shape with the pen and paper, 500*500 this is for us to calculate the ratio.

(2)Motor driver Dip switch setting got changed. Open the CNC machine central unit and make sure the 2 motor driver(X & Y axis) DIP switch values are set correctly. 2 & 5 should be set ON and 1,3,4,6,7,8 should be set OFF

When load a Shape from SteelTailor library and come to the AUTO mode to start operation “FILE NOT EXIST !” But the program file name is shown on the screen.
This may be caused by selecting “NEST” function. You can know if NEST function is selected on the AUTO mode screen, which will display “ARRAY” on the screen if the NEST is selected.

To deselect “NEST” go to AUTO-----OTHERS/ ASSI--------NEST
The effective cutting range of Power/Valiant 2.0 portable CNC cutting machine is 3m ,How can I extend the effective cutting range?
Dear customer, If you need to extend the effective cutting range of Power/Valiant 2.0 portable CNC cutting machine. You should order an 6 m frame rail.
The Language interface of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine can be English, Russian or English and Spanish at the same time exist? Can customers switch the language independently?
Currently the controller of SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine is in Chinese with some combination of a foreign language, such as English, Chinese and Western, French, German or Russian.Customer should comfirm the controller interface of SteelTailor CNC cutting machine before shipment.We will set it for him at the factory.
The THC is not moving up or down when cutting . But cutting tick plates the THC is working.
Please check the THC(ST-THCEX 03) SENSITIVITY knob this knob value should be set to minimum. If this value is set then the THC responds will come down
While cutting the plasma power source stop working because of low air pressure how to restart cutting from the point in stop cutting.

Make sure that your ARC FEED BACK is set in your CNC controller. If this parameter is set one if the plasma stop working the CNC will also automatically stop movement.

In this cause you can just press PREHEAT key on the controller key pad to restart cutting and movement together.

If your plasma power source is old model and you are not using ARC feedback, then Press RED key to stop the machine movement. As the machine movement come to a paused a four options will appear. Press BACKWARD [F6] and the machine will start moving back along the shape it was cutting. As it move back and reach the point where it stopped cutting press RED key to stop the movement. Next press PREHEAT key on the controller keypad to restart cutting operations normally.

Power problem, we have a fuse inside of the power socket, and we have another fuse inside of the transformer.
Power problem, we have a fuse inside of the power socket, and we have another fuse inside of the transformer. See the picture below.

If there is nothing display on the screen, but when you turn on the machine you can hear the sound, Try to operate the machine, see if it can move, if it can, this is because there is something wrong with the screen, you need to send the controller back to us to repair. This probably happen on the old controller.
If we can modify every lead in/lead out individual by using CNCCut software?
Lead in /lead out can be repositioned, direction changed, re sequence for individual parts.But the lead in/out length and the type of lead in/out cannot be modified individually it will be set to all parts.
When programs loaded using HyperTherm Nest Master nesting software, why the SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machines controller get stuck?
There is a function in Nestmaster to step and repeat, this function is not supported in SteelTailor portable CNC cutting machine controller.

Solution:Deselect this function and take the NC program again.The CNC will work normally
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