SteelTailor portable cnc cutting machine equipped with capative- THC(torch height control) do flame cutting

capative THC for flame cutting
capative THC for flame cutting

SteelTailor portable cnc cutting machine do flame cutting and plasma cutting equipped with capative-THC
 Automatic (Torch height control by capacitance sensor type) and Arc-THC(Arc voltage torch height control) ,For a long time, SteelTailor tried to install a capative-THC onto portable cnc cutting machine to improve the flame Cutting quality.
     capative-THC is a new parts for portable cnc cutting machine for the customers, Who wants to do not only plasma cutting,but flame cutting. How does it works to ensure flame cutting with a high quality, The capative-THCequipped on portable cnc cutting machine use a capative detection ring to detect the capative value betwin plate abd the ring, and send a signal to the THC box,  THC box will adjust the distance betwin torch and plate.
But not all the portable cnc cutting machine SteelTailor equipped with capative-THC, if you are intrested in it, you need to indicate about this on your order form. 
    When doing flame cutting, this THC can be used to fulfill the auto height control of the flame torch. Ensuring the gap between the torch and the metal plate is constant. This will make the cutting operation smooth and uniform.
    The principal behind capacitive height control system is that, the capacitance between the equipped capacity detection ring and work plate will change according to the change of height between the torch (detection ring) and the plate. We use this deviation in capacitance and the set parameter value to control the movement of in height controller motor, thus to complete the auto height control.
   There are many factors that may influence the capacitive value of the sensor. So ensure that the working environment is stable. Avoid strong electromagnetic interference, the plate platform should be metal framework and stable and solid. All personals should keep clear from the moving parts of the machine. The operator should keep his body (especially hands) away from any part of the working cutting machine.



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